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7 - Reasons to Register for WecripT International Innovation Virtual Trade Show

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

About Wecript Secure SaaS - B to B Metaverse Market Place (WecripT International Innovation Virtual Trade Show)

WecripT Ecosystem BtoB metaverse Market Place (Trade Show) is a first-of-its-kind - a global virtual BtoB marketplace (trade show) that will help startups, SMEs, SMBs, MSMEs and large enterprises to showcase all their products, concepts, ideas, and services in front of investors, national and international media, buyers, sellers, and industry influencers under one single (virtual) roof. It’s a great opportunity to generate business, raise brand name awareness and be in front of funders and investors

Funding and Investment

  1. 5 pre-seed and seed companies have the chance to get instant funding through the Wecript Ecosystem (up to $1m USD available)

  2. Access to other potential investors e.g. Startup Investors

  3. Lifetime access to Wecript Global Business Network of Buyers & Sellers, Mentors, and Potential VCs / Angel network

Brand Awareness/ Market Reach

  1. Chance to be covered/featured by international media powerhouses such as The Times Group, Business Insider, Economic Times, etc

  2. Worldwide reach of up to 700m through our media partners

  3. Free marketing for Exhibitors i.e. Exhibitor logos to be featured on our online/offline marketing collateral for the event.

Virtual Exhibition Booth For Every Company

  1. Custom Exhibitor Booth comes as part of the package.

  2. Ecart enabled in the booth

  3. Fully designed booth by Wecript Ecosystem for free

Technology Data Privacy & Security

  1. Protect and build your business by getting technological help from the Wecript Ecosystem

Instant Sales/Lead Generation Opportunities

  1. Launch your existing and yet-to-be-launched products/concepts/ideas in front of a huge target audience via your virtual exhibition booth

  2. Cart option for Exhibitors to take instant payments (similar to an e-commerce sales cart).

  3. B to B Lead Generation


  1. Opportunities to rub shoulders with CXOs of startups and large enterprises

  2. Networking opportunities with other Exhibitors, and CXOs via voice/video calling or chat options

  3. Full Access to all parts of the virtual tradeshow (including visiting other Exhibition booths and interacting with the keynote speakers)


  1. Mentoring opportunities from industry experts and CXOs (on things like, data privacy and security, business growth, tech, funding, running, growing and scaling a business etc)

  2. Learn about the importance of cyber security and how this will benefit your business.

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