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How To Get 700m Marketing Reach With (Almost) Zero Spend in - 2023

Updated: Mar 26, 2023


Are you a startup or SME looking to get more bang for your buck when it comes to marketing?


Startup founders/Co-founders, CEO, CMO and SMEs Business owners know that if you want to grow your business, then you need to grow your marketing budget. The more reach you want, the more you have to spend.

But what if we told you, that this is not true anymore?

What if we told you that you could exhibit to a global audience, achieve a Company branding and marketing reach of 700 million and network with key decision-makers for Tradeless than $500?

It was impossible, until now…for all small businesses and startups.

The Wecript Virtual B2B Trade Show Is Changing The Game of Marketing and Brand Awareness.

For the first time ever, WecripT Ecosystem product Secure SaaS presenting you with a B2B virtual trade show is taking place in the metaverse. When we say, “for the first time ever,” we mean globally! The Wecript Ecosystem already boasts a Private Search Engine, a Messenger app and a whole suite of products centred around Data Privacy and Security. Now, the Wecript Ecosystem is launching something that will change the game for startups and SME marketing forever…

A virtual trade show with a marketing reach of 700m globally - for almost zero spend!

Where did we get 700m from?

Wecript Ecosystem has partnered with more than 90 global media powerhouses to cover this global b-to-b metaverse marketplace first including:

  • The Times Group

  • Business Insider

  • Economic Times

  • and many more!…

Our media partners have a combined reach of 700m. This is a world first, so of course, we were going to make it spectacular!

Now, you may be thinking that getting a reach of 700 million for your business is going to cost you a fortune. Well, think again! Because the Wecript Virtual B2B Trade Show is only $365!

The Old Way of Exhibiting, Marketing and Branding

  • Spend tens of thousands of dollars

  • Minimal brand or marketing reach

  • No real decision-makers attending the event

WecripT Secure SaaS- B to B Metaverse Marketplace Virtual Trade Show
WecripT Secure SaaS- B to B Metaverse Marketplace Virtual Trade Show

WecripT Ecosystem - B to B Metaverse marketplace Way of Exhibiting, marketing and Branding

  • Only spend $499 for 1 virtual booth

  • 700 million reach around the globe

  • Rub shoulders with decision-makers

Let's grow together and become a profitable startup from day one instead of a loss-making company.

Where else can you get 700m to reach for only $499? You can’t! It was impossible, until now!


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