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Why You Should Exhibit or attend In WecripT B to B Metaverse Marketplace Virtual trade show

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

WecripT Ecosystem B to B Virtual Metaverse Marketplace trade show is a virtual business world where as a Founder/CEO you can sit back in your office and home, and generate a massive amount of sales and qualified leads without spending a hefty amount because of its virtual nature. This will help all the companies around the globe to be profitable from day one, with no more disappointing results.

As you know technology is becoming easier to use for everyone but in the b to b segment, it's really hard to find the right platform to do profitable business without a huge investment, that's why we are introducing you Wecript Ecosystem - B to B metaverse marketplace for businesses with using innovative technology and methods to maximize their B to B ROI, so as a company you can be profitable not just become part of the startup bubble.

Wecript Ecosystem B to b product will transform the entire b to b segment, and it will change the landscape of sales and generate qualified leads for the business in simple terms we would say ease of b to b sales. In fact, our trade show will only get bigger from here. To understand what makes our trade show platform Unique, let’s have a closer look at product features and technology. So, here’s everything you need to know about exhibiting your company through our WEcript Metaverse B to b Marketplace virtual trade show platform.

What is a WecripT metaverse B to B Marketplace Virtual Trade Show?

This is an online version of a trade show where goods and services are exhibited, for all types of industries. Various companies and organizations can display and showcase their products and services, provide information, generate qualified leads and can even make sales inside the event itself.

This is a great space to network and meet new wholesale sellers and buyers and thus create new leads and sales. It is also a great space to tap into new global markets.

it will change the way of doing business, not just that it will Reduce cost, and maximise the reach of your brand, we call it a borderless business opportunity, an excellent place to engage with future clients and have powerful lead generation and ordering tools.

This makes our trade show a valuable opportunity for sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees all across the globe.

What Are the Benefits of B to B Metaverse marketplace for Exhibitors and sponsors?

1. Borderless Business Opportunity & Newmarket reach opportunity

Our marketplace will help you to sell and generate leads from around the globe because the online nature of our trade show can help you get qualified leads from across the world. it help us to keep our event accessible to more people and companies in different time zones.

As long as our audience has a device, they can access a truly exceptional metaverse marketplace just like a real-life experience.

2. Lower Costs, More ROI

With lower expenditures than a physical trade show, our trade show is going to have a definite higher ROI whatever you spend in your day-to-day marketing to generate leads and sales. With a greater global reach. its best option for startups and some those who lack massive investment, a virtual trade show is better bang for your buck.

3. Environmentally Conscious

According to the research On average, around 600,000 tons of waste are produced at physical trade shows every year. This increases the carbon footprint contributing to climatic change. Our B-to-B Metaverse Marketplace Virtual trade show will eliminate the use of paper and other harmful materials because of its online nature.

4. Increased Accessibility

Our marketplace or trade show is also a great opportunity for people who are differently-abled. Unlike physical trade shows, our events provide several options to assist individuals with impairments and other disabilities, allowing them to benefit as much from the event, as any other visitor.

Features in Our B to B Metaverse Marketplace Trade Show

Our trade show product Wecript Conference is a metaverse-based virtual trade show platform, that comes with some key uniquefeatures that make it unique and futuristic.

1. Customised Stunning 3D Designs to Wow Your Target Audiences

As an Exhibitor, you can show your target audience an unforgettable experience from the second they walk into your booth. Our team will design a phenomenal 3D booth environment, a visually compelling landing page, and a highly customizable interface for attendees. Have your attendees enter a virtual lobby and explore the various other industry booths in the exhibition hall. 

We do all this with immersive environments and a diverse set of custom avatars. In short, we will offer you a fully personalized Exhibition Booth virtual trade to create a long-lasting impression.

2. Have Cross-Device Functionality

you can access our trade show visa laptop or mobile without any VR your target audience can tune in from anywhere on any device. For instance, if you do not have access to their laptops, while commuting, stuck in traffic or any such scenario. The feature at WecripT Metaverse B to B Marketplace provides timed scavenger hunts that keep the audience thoroughly engaged at our event.

3. Custom Designs and Layouts for Branded Booths

we all know in a physical trade show setting up booths and chasing vendors to prepare marketing material is a hassle. Our Virtual trade show is the perfect alternative to do borderless business without any hassle. Our team is lways ready to help exhibitors make their brand presence known throughout the event. Not only that our exhibitors can also customize their booths, and upload downloadable resources for the audience.

4. Live Chat Tools for Networking

To fulfil the goal of a successful b-to-b marketplace, to give maximum interaction between exhibitor companies. Live chat tools were provided to attendees with information and assistance. This makes it easier to turn leads into sales. 

Furthermore, we will also improve your conversion rates by addressing FAQs in group chat rooms or reserved chat slots. This way, you can target multiple online prospects at once.

real-time chat platform to educate and engage prospects at our event.  A 1:1 text, audio & video chat can enable you to eliminate the hassle of long queues around booths. This way, your target audience can keep the conversation going in chat rooms.

5. Live Webinars/keynote speakers to Engage Audiences

In our marketplace keep in mind a global audience in one place at a single time. we invite industry specialists and keynote speakers. they will provide our audience with significant value on one stage. When you use a virtual platform, you don’t have to worry about the availability of our speakers or different time zones. Live webinars will be happening on all timezone to engage the crowd and then on-demand recordings can help us to amplify that exposure. Moreover, we have also included include a Q&A session at the end of each webinar. This can maximize the engagement of our event.

7. E-commerce Platform to Make On-Spot Sales

Our Virtual trade shows will let all the exhibitors showcase their products and services to the world. basically, it will help your startup to help convert global prospects into sales.

we can Embed an online shop for your booth as an exhibitor you can add products to run around their shopping cart as they explore the event. 

This way, you can eliminate purchasing delays, maximize conversions, and make transactions in real time. You can use payment portal integration or we can provide it from our side to make the whole process easier for exhibitors.

8. Sponsor Option Only for Gamification to Increase Time Spent

We want to boost engagement and increase the time attendees spend at our trade show. we will Host exciting contests and games such as scavenger hunts, trivia, and more inside the trade show for attendees. we will include a virtual leaderboard where attendees can track their scores. The attendee with the most points can win a gift hamper, gift card or anything you want as a sponsor of our trade show!

9. Detailed Reports to Measure Event Success

In this era, you will lag behind if you don’t have access to real-time data. Unlike physical trade shows, online trade shows provide you with detailed reports with the help of our state-of-the-art technology This allows you to measure your ROI for future strategies.

as an exhibitor, you can closely monitor and regulate your booths. we can offer this facility on request. you will have access to real-time reports to improve the output.

10. Keep the Event Active For As Long As You Want

We can keep our b to B marketplace trade show event up and running even after its live features have been deactivated. Unlike a physical trade show event, a virtual trade show makes this possible. Exhibitors can receive notifications of booth visits, queries, and purchases but webinars and other content are only available on demand.


Our Trade show is a great b-to-b marketplace for all types of business sizes and industries, to promote their brand and showcase their offerings to a diverse group of individuals and companies. We Will provide you with an enormous opportunity to generate qualified leads and skyrocket your sales and many other facilities to grow your startup you can read here

Hence, our b-to-b metaverse marketplace virtual trade shows are now redefining the way businesses can maximize their profits and keep the environment healthy. And guess what? The opportunities are just beginning to blossom as your business is now growing beyond borders.


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